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It gives me immense pleasure to see individuals like you coming forward to volunteer and help the residents of Defence Colony with their day to day issues and also educating them on various activities within the colony. It will be a good forum for like minded people to interact for a common cause i.e "Making Defence Colony more Clean and Green". This can only happen when residents take a personal initiative well supported by the civic agencies.

My best wishes for your endeavor & I'm sure you will be of great assistance not only to the RWA but also to the residents of Defence Colony.
Abhishek Dutt
MCD Councillor
Mob: +91 9873500001
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Snap Shots
First Floor Library of Def Col Club
Open wire boxes a risky Affair
Traffic Chaos as Delhi Jal Board Workers Dig Up Road
Trees Twisted Up In Cable Wires
Dug up Road Disrupting Smooth Traffic
Feel strongly about any issue, or have a complaint about anything concerning your colony or surroundings?

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