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12 May, 2013 | 09:30 AM - 01:30 PM
Spirituality: DE-Stress Therapy
By: Editorial Team | Date: 28 Aug, 2012 | Category: Lifestyle

WHEN Life’s journey leads many –a- times to a forked path, sometimes the path opted, leaves behind a melancholy. Individuals all have different coping mechanisms; some try a more superficial routine and others seek peace in being one with God. Whatever the form or medium to connect, the whole process truly connotes positivity.

Spirituality: Entails an evolved state of awareness, personal well-being, inner peace, happiness and communion with the divine realm. Simple spiritual practices include meditation and prayer.

REIKI (A spiritual practice): `Rei.-> God’s wisdom; higher power & 

                                                 Ki.-> Life Force Energy.


An alternate /complementary therapy that uses `palm healing technique’, thus transferring universal energy. Low life force energy within a person leads to sickness, on the contrary if it is high then people are more capable of being happy and healthy. The System is based on a three tiered Hierarchy-

Level one-> enables the practioner to perform palm healing.

Level two-> enables the practioner to perform distance healing.

Level three-> the practioner becomes the Master/Teacher.

A resident of Defence colony, Mrs. Neelam Sood a Reiki (spiritual) Master, has attained perfection (of one’s own being) of the highest order. Oldest in this tradition, cultivated her essence and inner character way back in the 1980.s, to lead more people towards transformation. Widely travelled to profess and practice this system; and cured many a grieving/ailing mind and body. Restored to health and soundness- Depression cases, Arthritis, Worked with physically challenged beings and Rehab centers.

Mrs. Neelam Sood.s will to share with the readers her 7 pointer approach to simplify life:

  • Be in gratitude- “Little thank you’s go a long way.”
  • Keep positive thoughts- “YOU create your own destiny.”
  • “Live in the now”
  • Surrender to anything you do-“Faith can move mountains.”
  • Forgive and Forget- “Let bygones be bygones.”
  • “Live in the world, yet be above it.”
  • A simple meditation technique- “Cross both the hands and place them on the heart chakra, breathe gently in and out, feel and stay in the stillness. This will work on all levels->physical, mental, emotional.”

Another system to find solid base and a big following in Defence colony is the religion of Buddhism-> yielding to a more comprehensive self. Attaching to Buddhism is simple as one does not stop practicing and propagating one’s own religion. The underlying principle of Buddhism is based on the theory that confused and negative mind sets cause suffering, And that all our happiness and good -fortune arise from positive states of mind. A Def col inhabitant- Miss Kanchan Dhaon will vouch for this philosophy. Immersed herself in this religion in the year 2002, introduced to her by an aunt (also a Def col resident). Miss Kanchan, follows the three steps in her path, namely:

Faith:  Chanting the mantra `Nam myo Ho Renge Kyo’. Aids in elevating one’s own energy and connecting to the universal energy.

Practice:  Helps to reach out to people.

Study:The religious book named Gosho (Based on the Lotus Sutra).

Post the year 2002, a more confident Miss Kanchan, experienced evolution in more than one ways; anger & arrogance made an exit with only a happy space for empathy, compassion and wisdom.

Soon to follow suit (year 2009), Mrs. Veena Dhaon (Miss Kanchan.s mother), Balances her role as a perfect householder and the other one of a practioner of (the doctrines of) Buddhism and concepts such as Human Revolution.

The unpretentious nature of their group, where the members meet on a regular basis and the leader offers guidance. Often group members collect (venue being any member’s house) to pray for others in some form of pain / suffering.

Next in line, Mrs. Oberoi (shifted to Def col some time ago from Hong Kong), possesses a whirlwind of spiritual energy, drew inspiration from her father. Shares her knowledge in healing techniques such as-> Pendulum dousing (provides information and helps predict future), Colour therapy (a complementary therapy, here colour/light of varying wavelengths is used as a form of energy to balance and enhance the body’s energy centres/ chakras), Palm healing (Level one Reiki).

Recollects a past episode where the friend in picture, troubled by the shortcoming of doctors to diagnose her illness, Mrs. Oberoi’s intervention in the scene helped diagnose her friend’s cancer using the pendulum dousing technique. Soon after which, the friend with her husband travelled across to the United States Of America, there the doctor’s confirmed and began the treatment.

Mrs. Oberoi follows- the Upanishads (the principles) as a source of orientation in life and Meditation at the heart of her life.

CLEARLY, Opulence abounds in the (these) virtuous minds, with positive & peaceful temperaments-> results in constructive actions. And turns a turbulent life into a more satisfying one and beneficial to others. Voyage to self-discovery is chosen by one too many as it fulfils all basic requirements for a healthy living.

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