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Medical Camp at DCA's JCO's Club ''A'' Block
12 May, 2013 | 09:30 AM - 01:30 PM
By: Editorial Team | Date: 22 Sep, 2012 | Category: Defence Colony


Ignorance and Gullibility onset from a lesser alert mind. The common attitude,   “It can never happen to me”, often ramifies into an indirect patronising act causing nothing but an ominous debacle.
RESIDENTS BEWARE!  As the stories I am going to share are from Defence colony’s very own book and are the worst life experiences of your very own neighbours. And yes:
I T   C A N   H A P P E N T O Y O U
The backdrop is house number C-289, second floor, Housed by Mrs. Manjeet and her two daughters; the one named Ms Satwinder, shuffles between London and Def-Col. It was an ordinary 15 August, 2012, for the three ladies in need of a part time maid. A ring at the door bell and a woman’s face peering through offering her sweeping services. Now what exactly she swept? Let’s see->->
The family hired the so called Mamta maid; I need to point out that neither cross- checking nor verification was considered. The maid’s dexterity at work and embellished with sweet talk, won the family’s trust. For the hour and a half that she worked, the next three days were enough to acquaint her with the necessary, required to commit on 19th August, what can be called the most outrageous crime. When left unattended, the maid made use of this opportune time and looted from Mrs. Manjeet’s almirah family jewellery, cash and foreign currency (12000 pounds); The Total Damage equals to 50 lakh Rupees. The maid chucked the Bagful in the back lane from a window of the respected bedroom. She left the floor on the pretext of cleaning the stair case and the drive way, never to return again…
Mrs. Manjeet’s discovery of the missing items left the family baffled. The Protocol was followed and the daughters rushed to the Police station. The Police have so far seemed very co-operative. Kotla-Mubarakpur seemed as a preferred hide out for this lady criminal, the police left no stone unturned, but failed to locate her. An extended search cum vigil at the Anand-Vihar Bus-Depot and Railway-Station, with a motive to nab her while she tries to flee and other attempts to trace this lady criminal have not made any breakthrough yet.
This frazzled family, been experiencing apathy from a few neighbours, only to add on to their current plight.

Another Family to encounter similar fate-> Mrs. Manju Madan and her daughter (also bears a resemblance in terms of only women members residing by themselves). Year being 2007, one early morning the two woke up to a plundered state of the house. (The night before, both mother and daughter slept in the same room, bolted from inside).
The living room doors that opened to a (front) balcony were ajar and all four bolts broken, using a special rod designed for perpetuating a crime of this nature. The vacant neighbouring house was used as a safe passage (by the robbers) to climb up a ladder and jump over to this balcony. The almirahs in the other two bedrooms and the store room were robbed off expensive jewellery- Gold, diamond, silver and fashion. Amounting to a loss of about 6 lakhs plus. Thereafter, the family installed security alarm system in their house. The sad part is that the police could not come to a firm conclusion and six months from the time sent a formal letter to the family announcing the closing of the case.
Okay, so we all have heard about fraudsters and want to keep away from them, but how to identify one?
The same Madan family was duped by not one but two such fraudsters in the year 2005, when they made a permanent shift from Khan Market to Def col C-487, first floor. One afternoon Mrs. Manju’s guard escorted to her floor a presentable young man, fluent in English and presented him as her warm neighbour extending his help and welcome. He stepped inside the floor to further introduce himself as the Def Col club’s Secretary’s son. He then immediately inquired regarding her will to attain the club’s membership. Presented her with some forms; Mrs. Manju smelled no foul play and gave in her detail, ended paying a decent sum of money as registration fee. This young man left with Mrs. Manju’s maid to hand her a receipt in lieu of the cash received. He paced very fast bypassing the neighbouring houses. His gait turned into a sprint of sorts. The poor maid chased him all over the colony for more than an hour, only to return home Huffing-Puffing and empty handed…

In another instance a man posing as a name plate maker, came to Mrs. Manju’s doorstep and displayed some fascinating samples to Mrs. Manju and her daughter. Fled with Rupees 500 as advance, for a name plate, that never saw the light. And his mobile number he never answered…
These Stories with Such High Climax Points, discussed above not to be enjoyed but pondered upon and make a call to attention. Is Defence Colony actually a safe Haven? – Chain snatching incidents in Def col lanes, Robbery and molestation cases-> All amounts to a negative connotation.

I want to make a very valid suggestion- Our R.W.A can undertake a verification drive, whereby Identification Cards should be issued to part time maids. The residents can cross check the I.D number with the R.W.A, before employing domestic help. Also permanent guards can be stationed during day time as well, at all entry-exit points of our colony, monitoring suspicious entities. Lastly residents should exercise caution in dealing with strangers.

Let’s not resemble an Atavistic Society, but, the one that has made true progress. A place where we all and especially women feel secure and can step out of their shelter any time of the day and return to it more confident…

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