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Medical Camp at DCA's JCO's Club ''A'' Block
12 May, 2013 | 09:30 AM - 01:30 PM
Aadhaar Card Camp in Def Col a huge mess!

The last round of submitting applications for the AADHAAR card was to be made on Friday the 22nd of February, the timings scheduled for this purpose was 11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. The two day camp was held in the government school opposite the Def col market. The pleasant Friday was not quite so for the residents who promptly rushed to the above centre after the circulars made the rounds of the different blocks of our colony.The applicants were greeted with a disorderly state of affairs at the venue. One medium/ decent sized hall in the school was designated for the above job. But the matter of anxiety was the long queues and waiting hours for these aspirants. Only two machines were placed for the biometric verification and the remaining thirteen were not in use, though allotted for the work. For the purpose of taking out final printouts that were then issued to the applicants, there were two printers but only one worked successfully. The elderly too had to wait for more than three hours in line for their turn irrespective of their age and health. In fact some of them were above the age of 80 years. The ones who felt exhausted had no choice but to stand as there were literally just a couple of chairs scattered around and no proper seating arrangement. Also poor organization compelled many people to return back home without the work being done after a non-rewarding waiting period. Even punctuality did not help as the early birds too had to stand in one of the two queues formed and wait.

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v b batra Posted On: 02 Mar, 2013
Kokila Rangachari Posted On: 02 Mar, 2013
Whatever b the bias , what is imp is for process of registering for any card -Aadhar ESP -to b fine tuned & made efficient . Maybe def col residents could volunteer to set the procedure in shape ? The local reps -political & RWAneed to join hands & ensure that the camp is held once again soon & this time no glitches!
Kokila Rangachari Posted On: 02 Mar, 2013
NPR held at def col some time back at local school campus . Very orderly & well conducted by the MHA when PC was HM . Unfortunately to date not recd any card on this one . Methinks a def bias towards Aadhar reflected here !
v b batra Posted On: 02 Mar, 2013
what about the other option---National Population Register.---the camps need to be held. any activity on that
Kokila Rangachari Posted On: 02 Mar, 2013
Plz have the Councillor & the MLA address this imp issue . The process Is handed out to an incompetent third party ,a pvt concern , & hence the mess . The Govt is not handling it i think . Incidentally , in the first instance when these were started , then too there was much confusion . I hope Mr Nilekani is aware of this utter disregard for his scheme . Someone should tell him . Kokila Rangachari
Editorial Team Posted On: 01 Mar, 2013
We tried finding out from the RWA. They didnt have any knowledge about the same!
v b batra Posted On: 01 Mar, 2013
will they repeat the camp for those leftout
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