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Medical Camp at DCA's JCO's Club ''A'' Block
12 May, 2013 | 09:30 AM - 01:30 PM
All India kitchen Garden Association Annual Show Held in Defence Colony Jco's Club

The All India Kitchen Garden Association (AIKGA) presented The Food & Nutrition Show, A Fruit, Vegetable and Flower Festival which had stalls selling plants, garden tools, Organic Items etc. A workshop was also held on salad making, Juice therapy, Ayurvedic cooking and Vegetable Carving. Beautiful flowers of Dahlia, Petunia, Pansies, Poppy, Cineraria, Paper flower, Kale, River Daisy, Calendula, Aster, Sweet Sultan, Coreopsis, Cosmos, attracted the attention of visitors.

A special section which displayed the inputs of members, like, hanging baskets, tray gardening, rockery, also attracted attention of visitors. Reasonably priced books on different aspects of gardening were also made available to the visitors. In previous years, competitions are held in various sections and categories, however, due to lack of space this time around, competitions were held in only a few categories. Some of these categories along with their winners were:

1. Kumar Manglam Birla 1. Mandlsa Agarwal (Vasant Kunj Unit) 1. Jyotsna Sahai (Dlf)
2. Puja Sarin (Unit-21) 2. Radhika Batra (Vasant Vihar) 2. Meera Sinha (Vasant Vihar)
3. Parbha Jain (Civil Lines) 3. Vasundhra Godha (Unit-21) 3. Nalini Sehgal (Unit-21)
4. Renu Puri (Friends Colony) 4. Asha Parmar (Civil Line Unit) 4. Kusum Rani Gupta (Unit-21)
5. Ritu Sharma (Sainik Farms) 5. Neelam Sood (Delhi Cantt) 5. Kusum Gupta (Rishab Vihar)
6. Chavi Methi (Noida) 6. Suchita Maskara (Inder Puri) 6. Rachna Jain (Pushpanjali)
7. Rajashree Agarwal (Civil Line) 7. Gurmeet Singh (Defence colony)  7. Sunita Goel (Civil Line)
8. Poonam Mehra (Noida) 8. Bala Subramanium (Defence Colony) 8. Sunita Kumar (Vivek Vihar)


1. Sanjeev Suri (Defence Colony) 1. Mr. M.K Daga 1. Krishna Gupta (Madhuban)
2. Seema Kumar (Safdarjung) 2. Mudit Parivesh 2. Varsha Goel (Pushpanjali)
3. Rachna Tiwari (Safdarjung) 3. Bella Gupta 3. Shammi Talwar (Defence Colony)
4. Simai Khanna (Greater Kailash-2) 4. Ritu Vadhera  
5. Vibha Gupta (Defence Colony) 5. Roop Rani Sharma  
6. Sumita Gupta (Priyadarshini Vihar)    
7. Krishna Gupta (Madhuban)  
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