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Medical Camp at DCA's JCO's Club ''A'' Block
12 May, 2013 | 09:30 AM - 01:30 PM
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The premises of the Durga Puja Park in Defence Colony are becoming a threat to the residents. The street light poles in the Park premises have open fuse boxes which are a danger to anyone who switches the lights On or Off. There are more than 5 such poles in the Park having open boxes. The residents want these open boxes to be covered as soon as possible, but apparently no one is listening. The residents of the Colony are now scared to send their children to the Park, as these open fuse boxes can turn out be a dangerous affair for their kids. Hope someone listens and does something about this asap.

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Abhishek dutt Posted On: 22 Feb, 2013
Dear all,I've been personally in touch with Mr Gosh from Durga Park n this problem has never been told to me,there's a similar problem in def col C-80 park,I have informed our electrical department about the same.if you know of any other parks also having similar issues,please feel free to post,mail ,call or SMS.
Abhishek dutt Posted On: 22 Feb, 2013
I've told my EE electricals,it will be done by tomorrow.
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